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We Specialize in Denver Mobile Homes.

Lynwood Holdings, Ltd is a licensed housing solutions company that specializes in helping clients buy & sell their mobile homes and other properties all over Denver & North Texas! We’ll help you find the home that fits your needs and negotiate a great price! Contact us today to find out more about what we can do to help you! 

Selling your mobile home quickly doesn’t have to be stressful either. Our process was created to help you sell fast so you can move on with your life. We get right to it, analyzing your home and helping you work through your selling options. We want to help you make the best choice for your situation!

Buying or Selling We’ve Got You Covered!

The Hassle-Free Way To Sell Your Mobile Home

For many homeowners selling their mobile home is a very tedious process. From having the correct contracts, to marketing the home, to qualifying a worthwhile buyer, it can be exhausting! That’s where we as mobile home agents come in to help!

You don’t have to deal with the hassle of selling your mobile home and trying to find a qualified buyer. Our goal is to help you sell your mobile home quickly and for a fair market price. Call us today and let’s get started!

No Obligation Consultation

We have an initial interview & home walk-through to understand your needs and selling points of your home.

Local Market Analysis

We analyze the local market & show you the comps so you can be competitively priced to sell quickly!

List Your Home

We craft an appealing listing & publish it on a number of professional membership listing sites.

Advertise Your Home

We run paid ads promoting your property so that we can attract even more potential buyers.

Schedule Showings

We schedule showings, qualify potential buyers & work with the park to get them approved as tenants.

Arrange Financing & Closing

We arrange buyer financing, handle the closing process, and transition the title to the new owner.


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Current Listings

We take great pride in helping people achieve home ownership for their families. We help you as a buyer get approved at the park and also walk you through the financing so that you can get the home you want. Take a look at the available homes below and contact us if you’re interested!